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As a top Horse Trainer, TJ makes sure to give all his clients and their horses the utmost attention and dedication they deserve. He is proud to showcase the following testimonials from some of his valued clients. Take it from past clients why your horse should be training with TJ Clibborn, too.

TJ held a 2-day clinic at my barn, everyone commented on how he strives to help his riders learn and no one is left out. He truly has a way with horses and teaching. And its true with patience anything is possible.

TJ is a true horseman, his technique is awesome. He has always been available to help me when I needed it. I highly recommend Tj when it comes to horses!!!

TJ has always been a great learning resource. Always personable and generous with his knowledge. Thanks TJ!

TJ is an awesome trainer as well as extremely knowledgeable! TJ always puts the horse first and with the trust, he builds with them the horses will willingly do what he asks. I highly recommend TJ Clibborn!

Excellent hand with horses and desensitizing them to become solid partners!

TJ is great with all types of horses. He gives horses a great start for all disciplines.

A true horseman with a wonderful gift of communicating with your horse.

I have followed TJ and his training for a couple of years now and was super excited to meet him at the Illinois Horse Fair this year. I spoke with him for a bit and he was so nice and down to earth and very supportive of my wanting to train mustangs. He was just a very kind person and you can tell just how passionate he is about these beautiful mustangs.

Lindsey Figgins

TJ really knows what he is doing. Results are a calm and happy horse.

Lisa Schultz Brezina

I bought a mare that had been sitting for 4 years. TJ did a great job getting her going again. He took the time to contact her original trainers to get more information on her previous training. She has come along great in the short 30 days he has with her. He is very personable and keeps you up to date on how your horse is doing. I highly recommend him!

Christina van Rensburg

TJ has an amazing talent with horses. He truly understands these animals and it is due to his life long passion for them. I had been away from riding for 10 years and with TJ's help, I started riding again and he helped me find the perfect horse. Together my mare and I are learning so much from each other and it is the confidence that I have gained, since working with TJ, that has allowed me this beautiful experience.

Ashley Sheridan

There was a nice little arabian horse that a lady wanted to give me, but the problem was the horse had never been off her farm and had never been in a trailer. I went and tried to pick the horse up with my trailer but she refused to load. We tried for more than an hour and tried everything we could think of but she was determined not to load. Then I called TJ, and he was able to come in less than a week with his trailer. After working with the horse for only about 10 minutes, he approached the trailer. Then after only about another 10 minutes of working on loading, he had her in the trailer. Because we were working on training and not just getting her loaded, he unloaded her and had her back in again in just a few minutes. Not only did I get my new horse to my house, but she also had a positive first experience with trailering, which will pay off the next time I ask her to load. Thank you for making quick work of a difficult situation TJ!!

Barb Hogan

I had a terrific class with TJ! He showed me how to get my girl back on track as well as techniques for getting things done. Now I have specific things I can work on myself to improve. Thank you TJ Clibborn!

Ann Combs

I want a big thank you to TJ Clibborn. Last night he had Chex going over every obstacle within 20 minutes. After another 10 minutes, he taught me how to properly ask her to go where I am asking. THANK YOU THANK YOU THA!!NK YOU. TJ Clibborn you are an amazing horse person

Melanie Lichtfeld


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